What are your fire insurance grades

Fire insurance grades have been determined for the vast majority of built-up communities in Canada. When no fire insurance grade exists, but a fire protection service has been developed, the Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) or Fire Chief should contact the offices of Fire Underwriters Survey to be evaluated for possible recognition for fire insurance grading.

Fire protection services that are recognized for fire insurance grading purposes typically result in increased competitiveness in the insurance market and improved fire insurance rates/premiums for property owners.

Chief Administrative Officers and/or Fire Chiefs should contact Fire Underwriters Survey in writing to determine when the last Survey was conducted and what the results were. You may wish to request a re-survey or re-grade to ensure that the fire insurance grades assigned to your community fully credit all apparatus and fire protection systems that are in place.

One of the fire insurance classifications we establish and convey to FUS member companies is the Dwelling Protection Grade. The D.P.G. is a numerical system scaled from 1 to 5. One (1) is the highest grading possible and 5 indicates little or no recognized public fire protection. This grading reflects the ability of a community to handle fires in small buildings (e.g. single family dwellings).