Fire Underwriters Survey’s Community Outreach Program helps communities communicate changes to their fire defenses that may affect their Public Fire Protection ClassificationTM and Dwelling Protection GradeTM.

Under the program, communities are periodically requested to complete a Community Outreach Questionnaire and provide updated maps of the fire protection area served. Upon receiving a community's completed questionnaire, FUS performs an analysis to determine whether the level of fire risk or fire suppression capacity has changed significantly. Based on that review of the changes, FUS may request additional information or request to conduct a more comprehensive field survey of the community.

Examples of significant changes include land annexations or changes in the boundaries of a fire district, large developments (comparative to the size of community), new or closed fire stations, water-system improvements, or changes in the way the community receives and handles fire alarms. Although such changes may not increase or decrease the final classification, they may change which properties receive the benefit of the classification.

In scheduling surveys, FUS depends primarily on the information acquired through the Community Outreach Program. However, any time a community has made improvements and would like to request a survey, community officials should contact FUS.