When a community has made significant improvements in its fire protection services or has ongoing/planned developments that would have a significant impact on the fire risk level of the community, the community should inform Fire Underwriters Survey of the changes through the Outreach Questionnaires. Various Community Outreach Questionnaire forms are available for download on this site and will eventually be available to be filled in through an online form. The download is a PDF file, which you may view or print with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The questionnaire forms contain a large amount of information which may not be relevant to all communities. Only relevant sections should be completed. Please check the FAQ’s section before contacting the appropriate regional offices of the Fire Underwriters Survey for questions and/or issues related to completing the forms. When you have completed the questionnaire form(s), please submit the form digitally by email to your FUS Regional Processing Center, or print and mail/fax a copy to the appropriate processing centre. Once reviewed and accepted, Fire Underwriters Survey may request that the form be printed and signed by the responsible authority in the community.