Consulting Services

To complement the fire insurance grades offered in the Fire Insurance Grading Index, the Fire Underwriters Survey also offers a comprehensive suite of fire protection consulting services. These services which are listed in the list below implement the latest in Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies and strategies.

Public Fire Protection Analysis

Public fire protection analysis reports, clarify and quantify the level of fire risk and provides recommendations regarding the various options for providing fire protection and determining acceptable risk tolerances. This type of study provides details and recommendations focused on the fire insurance grades of the community. This type of analysis also offers a review of the current water system supply in regards to public fire protection.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a report of the calculated required fire flows which lays the determination of fire protection services.

Optimization of Fire Protection Services
Provides a detailed GIS/risk based analysis of service coverage and provides a unique optimization calculation of the ideal service model based on the goals specified by the community. This report includes recommendations for improvement and implementation strategies for the most effective and optimized delivery of fire protection services to all areas considered.
Station Location Planning
Provides a detailed GIS/risk based analysis of service coverage and can provide recommendations with respect to ideal fire station locations considering various criteria set out by the Client (e.g. maintain position of some assets and consider ideal location for others, limit locations to specified areas, etc.).
Standards of Response Cover
Provides an analysis of the community's ability to achieve a prompt and effective response to emergencies for fire protection and other emergency services. The study also provides measurable targets and quantifiable areas for ongoing improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. Detailed analysis of historical response activity and community risk are conducted to determine factors contributing to levels of performance.
Needs Analysis
Provides a review of the existing service levels and compares to similar communities (ex. similar economies, populations, developments, etc.) with similar fire insurance grades. The fire protection needs can also be analyzed from a performance based perspective. In either case, recommendations are produced to indicate the amount and type of apparatus, companies, staffing and auxiliary participation that is needed to achieve the desired fire insurance grade or performance standard.
Feasibility/Impact Study
Provides a review of changes being considered with respect to fire protection service areas such as expansions/contractions; changes to contracts and/or aid agreements; regionalization/mergers; and new service areas. These studies are extremely useful in assisting local stakeholders with making informed choices and knowing the impacts that major changes will have on fire protection and associated fire insurance grades.
Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Plan
Provides all necessary information to develop Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS) utilizing formalized alternative water supplies in rural areas. The plan focuses on providing recommended strategies for optimal use of all available resources to provide the highest standard of protection possible as well as the maximum economic benefit through reduced insurance premiums.
Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation
Test and accredit STSS service in areas that have the capacity to deliver the service.