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Fire Underwriters Survey Municipal Portal

A new online platform linking municipalities to the insurance industry

This easy to use portal is the only national fire protection database allowing municipalities to quickly view and transmit information pertaining to the fire protection data and FUS Fire Insurance Grades in their community.

The Municipal Portal allows Fire Chiefs and Municipal management to:

  • Easily view current FUS Fire Insurance Grades and protection data relating to their community as seen by the Insurance Industry across Canada
  • Provide regular updates related to fire protection and connect with their Grade details
  • Transmit and upload documents regarding any improvements or revisions to the data on the overall fire safety of the territory served which may impact the FUS Grade
  • Access a geographical map allowing easy navigation and analysis of FUS grades for each sector of their municipality
  • Keep the fire protection up to date within their communities with a more efficient and streamlined data exchange process allowing FUS specialists to quickly process, analyze and transmit improved FUS Grades back to the insurance industry
  • Reduce significant time through an enhanced communication process with FUS specialists
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