Frequently Asked Questions

Water Supplies

  1. Do standpipes receive the same credit as listed fire hydrants?

    Standpipes are not eligible for fire insurance grading recognition and are not considered the equivalent of a ULC listed fire hydrant. There is no nationally recognized design standard for standpipes. This results in little or no control over their design, construction and installation. Also, friction losses become extreme when large flows are demanded of small diameter piping (i.e. flows required for standard fire department pumpers).

  2. Are private water supplies recognized for fire insurance grading purposes?

    Private water supplies may be recognized for fire insurance grading purposes where adequate evidence of capacity and reliability of the water supplies can be verified by Fire Underwriters Survey through documentation.

Fire Department

  1. Do firefighters that live in the community for part of the year only receive full credit?

    To receive full credit, fire department members should respond from within a reasonable travel distance to the fire station. Therefore to receive full credit an auxiliary fire fighter would need to live and work within 8 km of the fire hall. Where this criteria is not met, a prorated credit will be given for auxiliary fire fighters whose response capacity meets this criteria for only a fraction of the year.

  2. Are firefighters required to pass a CPAT test or equivalent to receive full credit?

    No, however firefighters should be medically evaluated and qualified for duty by a licensed physician. It is advisable for fire department's to take appropriate actions (implement programs, etc.) to ensure that fire fighters are physically able to perform the duties that they will encounter in the course of carrying out fire fighting and related activities.

  3. Are Fire Protection Societies recognized for fire insurance grading purposes?

    Fire departments desiring fire insurance grading recognition should be organized on a sound financial basis such as a tax levy. Areas organized on a society or subscription basis will not be recognized because of the difficulty in identifying residents within the protected area who are current members of the society and the lack of guaranteed funds to adequately finance a fire department year round.
    However, Fire Protection Societies may be recognized for fire insurance grading purposes where adequate evidence of stability and reliability of the funding of the Society can be verified by Fire Underwriters Survey through review of documentation. Additionally, fire protection service areas must provide contiguous service to be recognized for fire insurance grading purposes.

  4. Outside Agencies Testing Tanker Shuttle Service?
  5. Communities that have been tested by agencies other than Fire Underwriters Survey may still be eligible to receive Fire Underwriters Survey accreditation. Documentation of test procedures followed and test results must be submitted to the offices of Fire Underwriters Survey in accordance with the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Protocol document. Applicants that successfully meet the specified criteria will be accredited and receive certification through the Fire Underwriters Survey' Registry of Accredited Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Services. The Registry is promulgated to the Fire Insurance Grading Index to ensure that the community's fire insurance grades reflect the accreditation.

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